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Company Profile
Master Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. Storage Systems national was incorporated in 2012. Master Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. specializes in the design, engineering, sales, and installation of storage systems and material handling products for warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, records storage environments and other companies with storage needs.

Customer Focus
The Master Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. team is 100% focused on customer satisfaction; we emphasize the ongoing relationship, not the immediate sale. Our goal is to better understand your business so that we are able to provide long-term value to you. That’s why 80% of Master Engineering (Pvt) Ltd’s revenue is from repeat clients.

System Integration
As a systems integrator, Master Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. has an expansive network of manufacturers and installation subcontractors. This allows Master Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. the flexibility to choose products based on the requirements of each rack system including pricing and lead time.

Our Policy
We at Master Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. are committed to provide ergonomical logistic solutions for material handling & storage systems, to the satisfaction of our clients.
We shall strive for enhancing customer satisfaction, through continual improvement in QMS and process.
We aim at timely delivery of quality products in a cost effective manner to all our customers.
Our continuous improvement in all dimensions should be beneficial to our organization as well as our esteemed customers.